Geneva Pre-Gaming: Techart's Reptilian Porsche Panamera Concept One

It's one of the cars representing German tuner Techart in Geneva this year: the Concept One, a Porsche Panamera meant to showcase the firm's "second individualization level". And individual it is.

We'll start with the "unusual" interior, which is where this car really shines (although most will probably disagree): cocoa over white with "Phosphor" green stitching and detailing accented by tasty Cerbero trim - which must be the gator-skin stuff - on the dash, consoles, and seats.

Drivers get to wrap their mits around a Techart 3-spoke steering wheel with PDK paddles, while passengers will no doubt remain entertained thanks to the custom ceiling-mounted 10.2 inch TV/DVD player and fold-down rear tray tables. In my opinion, you should do yourself a favor and have a peek at the interior shots.

Motivation for this sports-tank comes from a Techart-tuned 650-horse version of Porsche's twin-turbo 4.8 liter V8 breathing through a stainless steel exhaust system.

Outward appearance is brought to you by way of a PU-RIM body kit which widens the car by 21 mm in at the nose and 42 mm at the haunches. Said kit makes use of new front/rear fascias, fender wideners, side skirts, and an adjustable rear wing.

Those 22-inch rollers are Techart Formula IIIs in dull platinum gray, and while there's something fancy about those LEDs up front, no one will ever care about what it is because they'll be looking at the viciously-gill'd hood and wondering what lurks beneath (hint: it'll eat your car for brunch). If you DO indeed care about those LEDs, scroll down for a press release excerpt.

"The multifunctional TECHART daylight driving headlight system contributes essentially to the active safety of the driver by combining daylight headlights, parking lights and turn signal lights as an LED system unit in one common housing that seamlessly fits into the vehicle front design.

The intensity of the lights adjusts automatically to the selected headlight circuit. Additionally, the headlight can also be dimmed for improving the effect of the turn signal lights, even while turning off."

- By Phil Alex