Volvo Preparing "Naughty" S60 for Geneva Show

Once a maker of some of the most boring to drive and mundane-looking bricks on wheels cars in the industry, Volvo has managed to turn up some pretty interesting proposals over the past few years - no thanks to FoMoCo's involvement.

Their latest and most likely last vehicle to be developed under the "loving" arms of Ford before the Swedish company falls into the hands of China's Geely Motors, is the all-new Volvo S60 sedan that will premiere at the Geneva Salon on March 2.

That we already knew. What we didn't know is that Volvo may surprise us with a sporty version(s) of the S60 as this blurred teaser image and a series of videos titled "Naught Volvos Are Coming" suggest.

Could it be that the Swedes are preparing the return of the 'R' series with a hotted up version of the 2011 S60 sedan?

That we'll have to wait until the opening of the Geneva Motor Show to find out, but we wouldn't be surprised if all this "naughty" promo-talk ends up being just another aero package of the same kind as Audi's S-Line or BMW's M Sport Packs.

Hat tip to 'Coco' for the photo and tip!