New Video of the 2011 McLaren MP4-12C Testing in Spain

Continuing its series of short films on the development of the all-new MP4-12C, McLaren has released a second video of the latest Experimental Prototype (XP) 12Cs undergoing intensive testing in Spain's Applus IDIADA facility. Featured in the film are the XP8 and XP10 Beta-phase prototypes.

According to McLaren, the key differences between the first XP and these XP Beta cars concern the revised M838T twin-turbo V8 engine, upgraded transmission featuring new gear ratios, a more efficient cooling package, new suspension geometry and upgraded electrical architecture.

Mark Vinnels, McLaren Automotive Programme Director, who is leading the core engineering team that comprises of 20-25 Vehicle Technicians said:

"The benchmark competitor vehicles we have tested become nervous and twitchy at higher speed, but the 12C feels more stable than anything I have driven.Because the bump rejection is so good, the ride is smooth and the steering is solid."

"Between now and production the vehicles and the team are working flat out. All this is geared towards not just achieving our unprecedented levels of performance but also guaranteeing the levels of quality, reliability and durability with which we expect to delight future McLaren customers," Vinnels added.

The new MP4-12C is due to be launched in early 2011.