Get Litigious: Bumblebee's gone all Mustang

Coming straight out of San Antonio, Texas is this... let's call it interesting... Transformers-inspired Mustang. Some people wouldn't be so kind, and one of those people happens to be Mr. Marton; he had the cajones to get close enough to grab the pics. Marton threw out the phrase "Wrong Car Fail", and while I secretly agree, hey, it's not my car.

However, as a Mustang fan, allow me to say this: Mustangs never look good in yellow (or gold, for that matter). Want to prove me wrong? Send in some pics of your yellow Mustangs and we'll see what passes for good-looking these days.

Go ahead and leave your thoughts on this hybridized Bombus in the comments section a little further south on the page. You know you want to.

-By Phil Alex

Kudos to Marton for the Tip and the Pics