AMS Terra Brings the Space Invader Theme to Honda's CR-Z Hybrid Coupe

This is AMS's take on the new Honda CR-Z hybrid sports coupe/hatch, and it's called the Terra. The CR-Z, which already looks nice as a cute little sporty hybrid, has been dropped on 19-inch RAYS Versus Torismo Rechente one-off rollers that have been finished in piano black and pearl white.

The front of the car gets a new front bumper - with or without a license plate holder- and some "eyeline garnish", while both front and rear fenders have been widened (15 mm and 70 mm, respectively). Also, the side sills get their WIDE on to the tune of 30 mm.

Up above, there's a roof lip and rear hatch spoiler. The rear of the car is where the magic really happens, though: the Terra gets an alien-inspired rear diffuser with twin center exhaust outlets for the sports muffler.

Although the performance of the car hardly requires such aggressive and excessive styling, it's nice to see people at least taking a stab at it.

Interested in taking your sporty hybrid to the next visual level? Expect a full painted kit (including exhaust bezels and the diffuser-mounted tail light) to run well north of $5,000.

By Phil Alex

Via: Farm of Minds , Source: AMS Terra / Minkara