VIDEO: Opel Astra GTC Paris Walk-around

After showing you some vids of the Range Rover Evoque on Friday, today we've got some press clips of Opel's GTC Paris hot hatch concept. First up is an artsy walkaround clip of the new hot hatch, but the more interesting video is the one in which Opel-Vauxhall calligrapher/graphic designer Ingrid Gollong gives us her take on the GTC's lines.

There's also a little bit about the interior, brought to you by Jeanette Finger. Both ladies explain their roles in taking one line from one poem and applying it to the GTC Paris in order to make speed into "pure beauty". If you're interested in a little design, enjoy the films below. For a full look at the 2.0-liter, 290-horsepower GTC Paris, check out our previous post here.

By Phil Alex