New Range Rover Evoque: First Video Footage of 3d SUV on the Move

Land Rover just released some new videos of its upcoming Evoque in motion, and it continues to convince. Interested? Hit the jump for the vids, or head over to our previous post for all the details.

Debuting at next week's Paris Auto Show as a 3-door model (the 5-door's on the way, don't fret), the new mini-Range will get turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines; the 2.2-liter diesels will come in 150-horsepower and 190-horsepower flavors, while the 2.0-liter gasoline engine will put down a still-undisclosed output (where you at, Rover?).

Not only that, but the diesels post some impressive fuel economy numbers as well. How do you feel about 50 mpg Imperial / 41.6 mpg US from the low-output diesel with 4-wheel drive? Good, that's how.

It will be available in both 4-wheel driver and front-wheel drive (a Rover first), come in three trim levels, and provide owners with one very attractive interior. Live shots are on the way.

By Phil Alex