KTM Announces 2011 X-BOW R Model with 300HP

Austrian motorcycle specialist KTM is hard at work on the 2011 model year version of its X-BOW track-focused sports car, which will gain a higher performance R model. The original 790 kg (1,742 lb) X-BOW is powered by an Audi-sourced 240HP 2.0-liter TFSI. Around 500 have been sold worldwide since it was launched into the market in 2008.

The R model will have an additional 60 hp (45kw) over the standard model thanks to the adoption of the more powerful 2.0 TFSI from the Audi S3, which features changes to the engine electronics and peripherals to bump output to 300-horsepower.

It will be available in two equipment packages: a road legal / homologated "Sport" package and a more track orientated "Race" pack.

Many of the parts that go into the R will be available through X-BOW's PowerParts, so owners can tune their existing X-BOW to Sport and Race specifications.

Pictured in our gallery is a prototype version of the 2011 X-BOW R with the new parts installed undergoing testing at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

More detailed information, including pricing, will be released early next year.

By Tristan Hankins