VIDEO: Maserati Quattroporte Hearse on Transport

Someone has turned Maserati's lovely Quattroporte sedan into a tall, bulky hearse, and there's video of it on a trailer below. Regardless of how it looks, it sure puts the Cadillacs used in America to shame. Unlike Ferrari, who has issues with anyone doing anything heinous to their cars (like making a 360 limousine), Maserati apparently doesn't mind too much.

Spotted near Modena by youtube's lambofanX, who usually doesn't film Quattroportes (but we're sure glad he did), it appears as if there's at least one Italian mortuary out there with mad style. This at least seems a little more appropriate for a funeral compared to those funky car coffins we recently showed you. Who knows, maybe Maserati's just prepping a hearse for the Vatican.

If anyone knows what this is for (other than hauling the deceased, that is) and where it's going, feel free to drop us a line.

By Phil Alex