BMW's Paris Show Highlights Include EfficientDynamics X3, New Engines and AWD for 5-Series

BMW has released details of what it will be presenting at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Alongside the world premiere of the Concept 6 Series Coupé, 2011 X3 SUV and 5-series Touring are new engines, AWD and phone tech for the 5-series and an Efficient Dynamics version of the X3.

The Bavarian automaker is touting standard electromechanical servotronic steering (which adjusts the responsiveness of the steering depending on the vehicle's speed) along with optional Drive Dynamic Control, adaptive headlights, HUD and a "top view" rear view camera available across its 2011 X3 range.

An EfficientDynamics variant of the X3 with stop-start technology and a six-cylinder engine / eight-speed automatic transmission combo will also be shown, but will not be available in the US and Canada.

BMW will also unveil several new engines for its latest 5-series range, including a 3.0-liter in-line six 525d producing 204 hp (150 kw) and a 528i with 258 hp (190 kw) for the Touring (wagon). A twin turbo straight-six 535d diesel with an impressive sounding 300 hp (220 kw) will also be offered in both body styles.

An all-wheel-drive derivative of the 5-series sedan and Touring called xDrive - which will be available with both 535i and 530d engines - will also be officially launched (again, not available in the USA and Canada). xDrive will also be available as an option on all Gran Turismo models and as a sedan-only 550i model.

The 5-series will also get the options of a hands-free tailgate from Q2 2011 and ConnectDrive, which allows Blackberry and iPhone integration. Now you can read and dictate emails from the comfort of the driver's seat, while your back seat passengers take advantage of the wireless internet access. No word on pricing information, of course.

New accessories for the M3 focused on the areas of aerodynamics and the interior, along with M-sport packages for the 5-series sedan / Touring and X3 SUV will also debut in Paris.

By Tristan Hankins