Saab 9-5 Convertible Design Study: What do you Think?

Courtesy of SaabsUnited, the people who provided pics of the nice but ill-proportioned 9-5 Coupe rendering (see here) we recently showed you, here is a look at a second possible 9-5 variant. It's a computer generated image for a large, 4-seater convertible that could compete with the Audi A5 Cabrio in the future world of what-ifs.

Using a traditional soft top and nicely-equipped with a turbo-six and all-wheel drive, this car could be a wonderful option for families looking to buy into the Swedish design scene and who also want a unique mid-size convertible that comfortably seats four.

Even better is the potential for Spyker to move itself down-range a bit and receive its own coachbuilt version of the car (and maybe even the 9-4X crossover).

What say you, dear readers? Is this 9-5 'vert an interesting niche vehicle for the Swedish niche brand, or is it simply a waste of time to hope for this?

By Phil Alex

Source: SaabsUnited , Via: