2011 Honda Hybrid Sedan: Rendering of Honda’s sub-$20k Prius Fighter

In an attempt to cut Toyota’s global lead in the ‘green car’ race, Honda will introduce a standalone hybrid model in Japan, North America and Europe during the first quarter of 2009. In its latest issue, Japanese car magazine ‘Best Car’ has come up with a rendering of the yet unnamed hybrid model based on inside information and scoop photos of the car. As you can see from the rendering, the five-door hybrid’s styling will mimic the lines of Honda’s hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity sedan.

Aimed squarely at the Toyota Prius, Honda’s dedicated hybrid model will be equipped with a revised version of the Civic Hybrid’s 1.3-liter Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system with the updated nickel-metal-hybrid batteries stored under the trunk floor. The reason why Honda decided to stick with the Civic’s ‘mild-hybrid’ system is that it can provide a realistic 45 to 50 mpg without costing near as much as the more advanced powertrain used in the Prius. -Continued

That translates to a lower price at the dealership. How much lower? According to inside sources, Honda’s mass-market hybrid model will start from around $18 to $19,000, undercutting the current Toyota Prius’ basic price by several thousands of dollars.

Picture: Best Cars