Chevrolet Speeds Up Volt Rollout, will be Available Nationwide by the End of 2011

The Chevrolet Volt is currently available for sale only in a few states across the U.S., the reason being that GM was initially cautious and wanted to probe customer interest first. It turns out customers like the plug-in hybrid / extended range model (take your pick) more than anticipated, so Chevrolet today announced that it’s fast-tracking the national roll-out to match customer interest.

“We’re accelerating our launch plan to have Volts in all participating Chevrolet dealerships in every single state in the union by the end of this year”, said Rick Scheidt, U.S. vice president, Chevrolet Marketing. “This is the right thing to do for our customers and our dealers who are seeing increased traffic onto their showroom floors”.

According to Chevrolet, nationwide orders through participating dealers will be a reality by the second quarter of the year, while deliveries in all 50 states are expected to be well under way during the fourth quarter, six months sooner than originally planned.

Currently, the Volt is available in the Washington D.C. area, California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Texas. Michigan deliveries are set to begin this spring, with 11 more states to be added to the list in the third quarter.

By Csaba Daradics