Russian Customizer Turns a Jaguar into a GAZ-21 Lookalike

Previously on Carscoop, we’ve seen Pontiac Fieros turned into “Fierarris”, Toyota Soarers adorned with Mercedes-Benzes off cuts and some others too hideous to even mention. For the most part, it’s a case of turning a boring, mainstream car into something that resembles a high-priced exotic if you’re squinting through grease paper with the sun in your eyes and have lost a lot of blood.

What you rarely see is something exotic transformed into something that some people would call mundane. That’d just be silly. Never to be one to shy away from a challenge, the Russians have done just that: taken a Jag and turned it into a GAZ.

Originally this car was a 1993 Jaguar XJ40 with an automatic transmission and a 3.2 L V6. Its exterior has been adorned with the grille, head- and taillights, unique side vents and boot emblem from a ‘70s Volga. It’s not quite in the same league as the BMW 6-series derived Volga V8 Roadster or the Porsche Cayenne-based “Lenin-mobile”, but it’s still an impressive transformation.

No awkward shutlines, no weird overhangs: it just goes to show, when it comes to customization, the Russians know their craft. Maybe the results aren’t always attractive or tasteful, but they’ve got the engineering and mechanical side down pat.

To understand why this was done, you need to understand what the GAZ M21 Volga or GAZ-21 means to Russia. Over there, it’s as ubiquitous and well liked as the Mini, Checker cab or Citroen 2CV are in their respective nations. So it’s no surprise that Volga owners shower a lot of care and attention on their cars.

Working-class Americans used to aspire to own Cadillacs. Working-class poms used to aspire to own Rovers. And in Russia, working-class Russians aspired to own a GAZ. It’s that simple. Check out our gallery and let us know your view in the comments section below.

By Tristan Hankins

Source: eBay