BMW to Present X1 SUV Concept at Paris, Z4 Roadster at Detroit Show

Updating our previous report on BMW’s forthcoming presentations –see what we said in June by clicking here, we’ve received official confirmation that the Bavarian automaker will indeed present an X1 SUV Concept at the Paris Auto Show in October. The prototype model will give us an idea of how the production version of BMW’s 1-Series based SUV/Crossover will look like when it enters the market at the end of 2009 or early 2011. -Continued

Although we knew that BMW was getting ready to present the Z4 roadster’s successor, up until now, we weren’t sure where the unveiling would take place and if it would be a concept or the production model.

Now we can reveal to you that BMW will take the wraps off the actual production version at next January’s 2009 Detroit Auto Show. However, from what we learnt, we won’t have to wait until January as BMW will give us a sneak-peek of its new roadster just before the end of the year. Unlike the current Z4 that is built in the U.S., BMW’s new two-seater will be manufactured in the company’s German plant in Regensburg.