EVO Pits the Audi RS6 Avant against the R8 to see which is Fastest

Audi RS6 vs Audi R8British car magazine EVO has tested two of the most desirable Audi’s of our time, the RS6 Avant and the R8 to find out which is the fastest; the 580HP V10-powered family orientated estate or the 420HP mid-engined supercar. Officially, the German automaker claims that both cars post identical 0-62mph (100km/h) and 0-124mph (200km/h) times of 4.6 sec and 14.9 sec respectively, but let’s see what the GPS receivers of the VBOX had to say about that.

In terms of sprint times, the R8 is faster than the RS6 Avant up to 90mph as it needs 4.1 to go from zero to 60 (96km/h) and 8.0 sec to 90mph (145km/h) while the RS6 Avant stopped the clock at 4.3 and 8.3 sec respectively. From 90mph and above, the RS6 takes the lead sprinting from 0 to 120mph (193 km/h) in 13.8 sec and to 150mph (241 km/h) in 23.0 sec (R8: 14.6 and 25.0 sec respectively). The two cars manage to achieve the same time of 12.7 sec in the quarter mile sprint. -Continued

Audi RS6 AvantHowever, the R8 proves to be the ‘king’ of in-gear times crushing the RS6 Avant: 50-70mph in fourth takes 3.4 sec -0.3 sec less than the RS6, while 110-130mph in sixth gear, 7.2 sec or a whopping 2.6 sec faster than the Avant. Same goes for stopping power as the R8 came to a standstill from 100mph (160 km/h) in 4.1 sec and 289.9 ft compared to the RS6 Avant’s 4.3 sec and 299.4 ft.

EVO also tested the two range-topping Audis on the Bedford Autodrome race track. Once again, the R8 proved to be faster with a lap time of 1:26.5, or 1.4 sec less than the RS6 Avant.

Audi R8 WhiteSo overall, it’s safe to say that the R8 is the quickest -and apparently the more rewarding from a driver’s point of view. But, before you make any judgments, just hold on a minute and think about this; we’re talking about a luxurious, full size station wagon that combines supercar-like performance and enough space to haul your entire family and a fortnight’s worth of luggage…

Via: EVO -Opening Picture Edited by Auto Cars 2011