Volkswagen Brings Some Bling to Qatar with Touareg Gold Edition and Street-Legal Race Touareg Concepts

The Volkswagen Group's Qatar Motor Show rollout continues in full force today, as the German automaker lifted the veil off two all-new SUV concept cars bearing the Touareg nameplate. The Race Touareg 3 Qatar is a street legal version of the racecar that took part in this year’s Dakar competition, while the Touareg Gold Edition is a one-of-kind special decorated with 24-carat gold parts.

So, different cars for different needs, although we’re pretty sure that there are plenty of thrill seeking sheiks with a gold fetish out there interested in buying both, should the concepts ever make it into series production.

Powered by an unspecified 310HP engine, the Race Touareg 3 is a no compromise beast capable to sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than six seconds, built with know-how acquired in one of the toughest rally races in the world.

To make it road legal, Volkswagen slightly modified the 2-meter wide body and replaced the competition model’s 16-inch wheels with more appealing 18-inch BBS alloys painted in gold. The same color is found on the “Race Touareg” inscription on the vehicle’s sides, while VW claims that the “Morning Magic” white paintjob also has a slight gold shimmer to it.

Inside, the only thing left untouched from the racecar is the safety cage. Everything else was completely redesigned, as the Germans were striving to create a so-called “stealth look”. True to its driving machine designation, the Race Touareg 3 comes with Recaro bucket seats, sporty steering wheel, digital instrument panel and a sequential gearbox. Many of these elements are dressed in high quality materials, such as carbon fiber and Nappa leather.

While the Race Touareg is all about performance, the 360HP Golden Edition redefines bling with its gold-plated 22-inch wheels, roof rails, protective guard strips, window frames, mirror caps, boot sill trim and parts of the fascia. The finishing touches are represented by the same “Magic Morning” body color and “Touareg V8” inscription.

The interior is an ode to opulence with most of the dials, switches and other elements receiving the 24-carat gold treatment, complemented by Walnut Burr accents and exquisite leather. The seats are wrapped in cream Nappa leather with ornamental stitching, while the dashboard is trimmed in contrasting, natural brown leather.

By Csaba Daradics