VIDEO: Two Chinese Guys Build a Remote Control BMW 1-Series

If this video is to be believed, An Jiaxuan is an inventor par excellence and an electronics genius to boot. We see him playing around with various (and presumably) self-developed Smartphone apps, including ones that switch the lights and air conditioning on and off and can take a picture from a tripod-mounted camera.

That’s not all, though. Jiaxuan’s next big project is equipping and controlling a full-sized car via remote control. What’s the timeframe for this endeavour? Just twenty days.

With little more than some software development knowhow, a borrowed BMW 1-series hatchback, a Nokia C7 Smartphone and a whole lot of electronic and mechanical components, Jiaxuan makes the impossible a reality. Sure, it could all be a hoax or a viral ad for the C7, but that’s not really the point; this video has some funny moments.

Like when Jiaxuan’s friend asks, “How’s the control? Is it just as good?”

And Jiaxuan replies, “Of course man, it’s gotta be otherwise we’re not gonna be able to get the car to drift.”

It’s that sort of balls-to-the-wall car lover insanity that we at Carscoop adore. Or the final scene in the video, where Jiaxuan’s friend points at an overflying aircraft and says:

“Think you can control that plane up there?”

Looking up at the sky, Jiaxuan answers, “We could try, yah...I think it’ll work.”

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By Tristan Hankins

Via: Motofilm