Hyundai iX55 makes European Premiere at Moscow Show

Hyundai iX55 SUV Hyundai chose the Moscow International Auto Show to reveal the European version of the Veracruz SUV. Following the company’s European alphanumeric nomenclature, the Veracruz will be called ‘iX55’ in the European and Russian markets. As you can see in the official photo above, there are no styling changes compared to the North American version of the large SUV. However, Hyundai supported in its Spartan press release that the iX55’s suspension has been reworked. -Continued

Details are still scarce, but it is said that the iX55 will be available in Europe and Russia with a new V6 turbo diesel engine delivering an output of 240 PS. The iX55 is expected to go on sale before the end of the year.

Hyundai iX55 Veracruz

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