STRUT Hummer H2 Matte-Black

Many people find Hummer vehicles as being too big, too thirsty and too damaging from an environmental point of view - and they're all probably right. However, if there's one positive thing that can be said about Hummer's off-road models that has to be their communicative and distinct styling which sets them apart from anything else you see on the road. Even better when the color of choice is a matte-black like the one on this heavily customized H2 show car that is scheduled to be featured in both DUB and Truckin' Magazines in 2009.

Aside from the cool paint job, the blacked-out H2 also features an array of accessories such as flat black 24-inch alloy wheels, a STRUT body kit, chipped engine, upgraded suspension and even a 'grenade' like shifter.

The overall cost of the custom work performed on the H2 is said to be valued in excess of $60,000 - and that does not include the price of the vehicle itself of course.

Custom features:
* STRUT front end kit, which includes two grilles, front bumper extensions and chimney stacks
* STRUT badges throughout the vehicle
* STRUT wheels / custom ordered 24 inch set of 5; painted flat black
* 37 inch tires (Toyo Open Country)
* 1 inch lift to fit the tires but low enough to minimize head clearance
* Professional grade flat black paint job on entire exterior of vehicle (including bumpers, side panels, etc). We also added a clear coat to protect the paint and provide a subtle sheen
* Custom, diamond tucked suede interior (black), including a suede headliner
* Custom exhaust system with dual tips

* Engine has been chipped for better performance & acceleration
* Amp Research drop down H2 steps
* Custom made H2 BREMBO brake pads; set of 4
* Custom accessory pieces (hood handles, door handles, side markers, etc)
* Flat black Grenade shifter
* Blacked out interior handles, center console, etc.
* Smoked/tinted lights on entire vehicle (front, back, roof, sides, etc)
* Custom carbon fiber on side view mirrors
* Navigation, OnStar, XM radio, iPod hook-up
* Advanced Clifford Alarm System with keyless entry, remote ignition start/kill switch, and a 1-mile tamper detection warning/antenna
* Seat warmers in the front and back
* One touch system that drops all the windows down simultaneously, providing an open air feel
* BOSE sound system with an aftermarket AMP, iPod connection, and woofers with a custom box under the rear set.

Via: Motorpasion , Source: Madwhips