Audi to Show Seven Customized A1 Models at Wörthersee

This year's edition of the Wörthersee GTI Tour that takes place in Reifnitz, Austria, on May 12 will see Audi showcasing seven custom versions of its new A1 premium supermini, including a model sporting an "FC Bayern" look, taxi and police variants.

The other four custom A1s are a "Hot Rod" version with a matt-finish look, steel wheels with white-wall tires and extremely low ride height thanks to the air suspension, one fitted with a "competition kit" that pays homage to Audi rally vehicles from the 1980s, the "Wasserwacht" model that's dedicated to the local water rescue service and a "Fashion" edition.

"The Audi A1 fits in with the GTI meet because customization has always been a central topic for the Audi fans here at the Wörthersee and will also play a special role for A1 customers," says the Head of Audi Design, Stefan Sielaff, who was responsible for the creation of the special edition models.

The seven special A1s will be joined at Audi's Woorthersee stand by an array of models including the new Audi R8 GT, an Ice Silver A8, the facelifted TT Roadster and the TT Coupé and the new RS5 Coupe.