Hamann Motorsports Reinterprets the BMW 530d GT

[Updated] BMW/Land Rover/Ferrari tuner Hamann just revealed its take on BMW's unfortunate 5-Series GT.
Coming from Hamann, one would expect a car as divisive as the 5GT to be insane and over the top. Sadly, it's more subtle and understated.

Hamann's 5GT (all engine variants) gets a new suspension setup across the range, functional front/rear spoilers, skirts, and a special rear apron to effectively house Hamann's new mufflers.

Especially for the 530d GT, the German tuner has developed a reprogrammed Motronic, allowing it to pick up 30 ponies to peg output at 275 horsepower (and a huge 620 Nm / 457 lb-ft of torque); wheels are standard Hamann (bling-y).

Hamann hits the nail on the head, saying that the 5GT is "an unusual top-class, multi-purpose vehicle when it leaves the plant". After it's tuned you're still driving an unusual top-class, multi-purpose vehicle; just one lightly-tuned by Hamann.

By Phil Alex