Baby Buick Enclave set to Join Reinvigorated Lineup

As we all know, Chevy recently decided not to distribute its Orlando mini-crossover in the States in order to concentrate on its current lineup. Looks like they might have had another reason.

According to the Associated Press, Buick will be continuing its barrage of new products with an Aveo-based crossover to be built in Orion Township, Michigan.

This is refreshing; the brand formerly known as OLD has not only reinvigorated its lineup, but will be releasing more products in the near future - the Chinese-market Excelle and this new mini-Enclave - to help pull in younger buyers (Lexus and Acura fans, too).

Let's recap: large, medium, and (soon to be) small cars? Covered. Full-size and (soon to be) small crossovers? Covered. All of the ones currently available on lots (barring the Lucerne)? Pretty good-looking. Above average, even.

The crazy thing is, now I wonder what's stopping them from doing a sports car down the line? Talk about a positive identity shift.

By Phil Alex

Via: AP / Yahoo (Photos: Buick Enclave)