DIY: Chinese Lamborghini "Wannabe" Replica Built for $3,000

25-year-old Chen Jinmiao from China is a mechanic and likes Lamborghinis. In fact he likes them A LOT. But he couldn't afford one (yet), so he decided to build his own - or at least one that vaguely resembles Sant'Agata's "Raging Bull" models.

For about $3,000 (US) in parts and a year's worth of time, Chen created a very-Lego Lamborghini that has a top speed of 60 mph (or 90, depending on who you trust). No word on the power source, but somehow I'm thinking an engine slightly smaller than a V12.

Perfect? Hardly. However, he DID built it from the ground up, which deserves a pat on the back.

If anyone's going to be around Chenzhou City, China, keep an eye out for it.

By Phil Alex

Via: Gammasquad , Photo Source: Cfp