Rolls-Royce Releases Ghost App Configurator for iPhone, iPod Touch

Got an iPhone? Or maybe an iPod touch? Good, because that means you'll be able to download Rolls-Royce's first official smart phone application ever (and its free!). The app gives people the ability to customize their very own small roller, the Ghost.

If you've got the time there are a bunch of variables to choose from: 12 colors (although any color you can dream up they'll do), three kinds of wheels, and a Ghost-exclusive Silver Satin hood (although with the right investment, people could probably get it on any model they choose).

Inside, Rolls-Royce provides eight standard shades of leather and five different types of veneer, "including contemporary woods such as Dark Wenge and Malabar" (not Mallomar).

Other services provided by the app include a dealer locator, specs page, and a variety of media (pics and vids, or if you eat Grey Poupon, "images and films").

Also, much like other configurators, Rolls provides a virtual garage in which you can store your fake, digital car.

The Ghost App is available at the iTunes App Store now.

By Phil Alex