Panoz Abruzzi Sports Car Teased Before Le Mans Reveal

Panoz, small-volume American car manufacturer and builder of the AIV Roadster and Esperante, is going to be taking its game up another level. In order to get the people talking, the Georgia-based firm revealed a teaser of its upcoming sports car, the Abruzzi "Spirit of Le Mans".

Set to debut at Le Mans next month on the Circuit de la Sarthe, the Abruzzi's design "is inspired from a classic era when racers would literally drive their own cars to Le Mans to compete and then drive back home. However, the technology of the Panoz Abruzzi 'Spirit of Le Mans' is absolutely leading-edge."

Bold claims, but Panoz appears to be able to back them up: the body of the Abruzzi is made with REAMS (Recyclable Energy Absorbing Matrix System), which is said to provide a bunch of structural and performance advantages.

Another bit of future technology comes in the form of Trifecta Cooling. Basically, the Trifecta system provides secondary and tertiary cooling that chill anything flowing into or out of the radiator.

From the teaser, things look promising. One thing to keep an eye on, Panoz: center-mounted gauges should never remind owners of the Mustang your power trains come from.

By Phil Alex