Nowack Motors Releases Mini Cooper S Packages with up to 260HP

The latest Mini Cooper S and its JCW brother have gotten the option of more oomph from German tuner Nowack Motors.

The packages, dubbed N210, N230, and N260 are pretty self-explanatory: 210 horsepower (filter/ECU work), 230 horsepower (add an exhaust), and 260 horsepower.

The N260 adds a little extra Nowack touch: Nowack cams and downpipe, improved intercooler setup, and a rebuilt cylinder head with better flow.

Other options include coilover suspension, Nowack rims, sport differentials, and the tuner-requisite "built-to-order" specials.

Cars modified on location at Nowack's Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, headquarters get dyno'd for confirmation, with all results shown to the customer for confirmation.

By Phil Alex