Geiger Goes Tri-Mode on Chevy's Tahoe Hybrid with LPG Conversion

Geiger, German tuner of all things 'Murrican (and usually high-performance), has decided to try...wait for the pun...its hand at hybrid tuning with the Chevy Tahoe Tri-Mode (there it is!).

Instead of shooting for the moon with 1,000 horsepower or some such nonsense, Geiger has put its powers through a different filter to "get even more economic and environmentally compatible".

Using the Tahoe Hybrid's 6.0 liter V8 with cylinder deactivation / electric drive as a base, Geiger threw an LPG system into the mix (creating three forms of motivation, hence the "tri"). The LPG tank can hold 109 liters or 28.8 gallons.

Geiger says, "With this equipment, [we have] cut the effective fuel costs in half at the current price for LPG."

If you're living abroad and have €56,000 to cough up for a Tahoe Hybrid, you can probably spare the extra €4,000 for an LPG conversion. If these efficiency claims hold up, that might be money well-spent.

By Phil Alex