Lexus' LX570 gets Invaded by ASI [with Video]

Japan's tuning specialist, ASI, thinks the Lexus LX570 full-size SUV needs a good ol' bump in styling and performance.

The tuner's Invader package takes care of the looks, although there has been no news yet of what engine upgrades are supplied. With the basic 5.7 liter churning out 381 horsepower, any intake/exhaust/ECU tuning would likely bring that number above 400.

ASI has bigger plans than just the standard tune-job, though, with a nigh-600 horsepower package on the way. It should run to 60 in under 5 seconds.

Unfortunately there's only one image to go from, so all that can be said is this: the body kit's nose looks decent, if a tad over the top (e.g. that front bumper is about 6 inches too tall). Lose the lower lip / fog light area and move everything higher.

Actually, forget that. It's not like owners would have to worry about off-roading, anyway. Honestly, who takes their Lexus LX to the trails?

By Phil Alex