Carscoop Reader Chops Renault Latitude Cabrio Prior to Flagship Sedan's Paris Debut

Renault's new Latitude mid-size sedan will make it western European debut in Paris very soon, so now's about the time for people to start photoshopping to their hearts' content to see how Renault's funky hit-and-miss lineup can be improved.

In this case, a reader sent in his take on a 4-door Latitude-based cabrio. Other than the poppin' orange paint and lack of a roof, some nice additional design elements show up in the form of front fascia-mounted LED running lights, a narrower grille, and the flat black trunk lip spoiler. Other additions include larger rims and the requisite sleekification of an average-looking mid-size sedan.

Combine the two images - that is, add the nice details from the convertible onto the sedan - and Renault could have its average-looking flagship's appearance be a little more luxurious. As for 4-seat convertible, it's far from realistic; overall a neat chop, but Renault's already got the Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet 4-seater convertible. That, and the market for 4-door convertibles is toast.

By Phil Alex

Photoshop courtesy of Carscoop reader Lil-K