Paris Preshow: Exagon Motors' 340-horsepower Electric Furtive e-GT

Unveiled to a small group of French journalists ahead of its world premiere at this week's Paris Motor Show, is this sleek-looking coupe from Exagon Motors called the Furtive e-GT.

Somewhere beneath the Renault Laguna Coupe-like lines (or is that just me?) are two electric motors from Siemens that are backed up by a gasoline range extender.

With both electric motors working together, the Siemens-powered Furtive is looking to be a real Tesla performance contender (though probably not anywhere near the same price point).

Numbers are estimated to go something like this: 3.5 seconds to 100km/h (62mph), 340 horsepower, and a 400-kilometer / ~ 249-mile electric range (800 km / ~ 497 miles all told with the gasoline mill kicking in).

Top speed, transmission, and storage capacity have yet to be announced. Hell, maybe they're explained in the video below, but Phil doesn't speak French. Regardless, those stats should appear within the week as the Paris show gets into gear.

By Phil Alex

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