Paris Show: Chevrolet Aveo 5-door, Sedan Coming Soon [With Live Pics]

The Aveo is finally here and in the metal, and Chevy says it's aimed at younger buyers interested in a hot-hatch "looking every bit as good as the Aveo RS show car concept". Points for trying, guys, but not really...

Set to hit Europe in the summer of 2011, the Aveo 5-door will be powered by a variety of small-displacement gasoline and diesel engines (ranging from 70 to 115 horsepower) and even be available with a 6-speed stick. For all the specs on available engines and the like, check out our previous post.

The sea of black plastic has seeped out from the interior and found itself all over the exterior of the car, as evidenced by the front and rear light housings and former rear quarter window. Also, whatever was once attractive from the rear 3/4 view (like the C-pillar kink and rear end treatment) seems to have been watered down a notch.

And if the hatchback doesn't do it for you, Chevrolet should be presenting a sedan version of the car either in LA in November or in Detroit in January 2011. Anyone interested in a 180-horsepower SS version?

By Phil Alex