Paris Show: BMW Confirms Smaller than 1-Series FWD Model for the USA

*Opening Photo: 1993 BMW Z13 Concept

Motor shows aren't only about new car and concept model presentations as many carmakers take the opportunity to either announce or detail future projects. And while we already know about BMW's plans to develop a smaller than 1-Series front-wheel drive model, BMW AG board member for sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, told reporters on the sidelines of the Paris Show today that the car will be sold in the United States.

BMW's people are currently calling the new model series, "UKL", which is said to be a German abbreviation for lower compact class cars. .

"It will be a relatively big segment because we have several body styles," said Robertson.

While Robertson didn't go into specific details about the available body styles, he did say the small front-wheel drive bimmer will be offered in the States with a four-cylinder engine, with sales set to start before the 2013 launch of the Bavarian firm's megacity electric car.

That means we could see the new (or shall we say 0-) Series making its market debut as early as 2012.

The BMW AG board member added the company expects to sell as much as 100,000 examples of the car worldwide a year and that he is convinced BMW can continue to command premium pricing even though it's a front-wheel drive model.

"No one has said to me the Mini isn't great to drive," Robertson said referring to the front-wheel drive cars of the BMW-group brand.

Expect to see a concept version of the new FWD small BMW making its debut at an international motor show within the next year or so.

Source: Autonews