Paris Show: Nissan Townpod EV Concept May Hint at Future Cube

Although Nissan didn't mention the Cube in its press release on the new Townpod EV concept, it's not hard to make the connection between the two cars. However, the quirky looking sub-compact study, which made its world premiere today at the Paris Motor Show, makes use of the same zero-emission technology found within Nissan LEAF in a tall van-like body with suicide-style rear doors and split trunk doors.

Inside, the concept model features a colorful but Spartan interior. All controls for ancillaries such as climate control and media playback are accessed through two centrally mounted digital screens.

The monitor in the upper section of the dash serves as an instrument panel, displaying car speed, battery status and remaining range, while the lower touchscreen provides all controls for the audio and navigation system and also allows users to perform system checks on the whole car.

The Townpod also features what Nissan calls Pucks, which are rubber balls, roughly the size of a squash ball with a wide groove into them. The so-called 'Pucks' can accommodate drink holders, cell-phone rests, hand-bag hooks or other items and scattered around the interior.