Honda Jazz Hybrid: More Details and New Photos Released ahead of Paris Show

Being that the 2010 edition of the Paris Auto Show is just around the corner, Honda has released a new batch of photos as well as a few more details on its new hybrid variant of the Jazz, which is called Fit in the U.S. and other markers.

The smallest member of Honda's gasoline-electric hybrid family features the same IMA parallel hybrid system found on the Insight, combining a 1.3 liter engine with a 10 KW electric motor. The system allows the car to operate with engine only, engine and motor or electric motor only at low to medium speeds.

In the Jazz Hybrid, the IMA battery pack and power control unit are stored under the boot floor, keeping the normal boot (above floor) area of 300 liters, while also allowing the car's so-called "Magic Seats" to fold in the same manner as the non-hybrid version to provide a boot space of 831 liters.

Honda said the new Jazz Hybrid returns a combined fuel consumption figure of 4.4 l/100km [53.5 mpg US] in the European cycle. That's the same as the Insight and faintly better than the European variants of the Civic Hybrid (4.6 lt/100km) and CR-Z 2+2 (5.0lt/100km).

However, the Jazz Hybrid has CO2 emissions of 104 g/km, which is slightly higher than the Insight's 101g/km. Honda claims this is due to the Jazz's "taller, more flexibility focused shape."

The Japanese automaker said the Jazz hybrid will go on sale in some European markets in the early part of 2011, with prices, homologated emissions levels and full specifications to be announced in "due course". Currently, there are no plans to offer the Jazz Hybrid in North America.