Wimmer RS Turns VW Golf R into 478HP Red Devil

Red Devil is the name German tuning firm 'Wimmer RS' chose for its latest take on the Volkswagen Golf R. 'Red' because of the color chosen for the car, and 'Devil' because this Golf R packs a sinister punch under the hood...

In stock form, the all-wheel drive Golf R rolls out of VW's factory with a 2.0-liter TFSI producing 270-hp and 350Nm / 258 lbs-ft of maximum torque. After Wimmer RS's engineers perform their magic, those numbers increase to a whopping 478-hp and 610Nm or 450 lbs-ft.

The extra power comes from a variety of mods including -but not limited to- changes to the turbocharger, ECU, air intake, injection nozzles and exhaust system.

According to the tuning house, the upgraded Golf R can reach an electronically limited top speed of 291 km/h or 181 mph.

Additional performance enhancements include a coil-over suspension set and more potent braking system.

The German tuner did not release info on pricing.