Paris Show: Renault ZOE Preview Teases 2012 Production EV and Hints at Next Clio

One or two sizes up from the quirky little Twizy is where Renault's ZOE Preview sits. Following in the vein of last year's ZOE Z.E. coupe, the ZOE Preview is a more realistic look at the production version that will be available in 2012 wearing Renault's newest face. Not only that, but it may just be previewing (ZING!) the next Clio as well.

Similar in size to the Clio, this little electric econobox gets some high-end passenger comfort tech that may or may not show up in the production model (Renault claims 90% of what you see here is what you'll get). To get occupants comfortable, the ZOE has a humidity-regulating climate control system with an integrated toxicity sensor and scent diffuser.

Oh, there's more, don't worry. It also provides "light therapy", which is being co-developed with Philips (apparently a "world-renowned light therapy specialist").

The concept seen here is 4.1 meters long and rides on 19-inch wheels. For production, dimensions are going to be similar, but those wheels? Probably not showing up. Power comes from an 80-horsepower / 60 kW electric motor that makes 222 Nm / 164 lb-ft of torque.

A charge will take from 6 to 8 hours and can be done (primarily) two different ways: either with a Wall Box that you connect to your home's outlet, or by optional EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). Renault recommends going with the wall box for the sake of convenience. Also possible, should an infrastructure appear sometime soon, is what the company calls a "Fast Charge"; this gives the car a 37-mile emergency run after only ten minutes of charging.

Israelis and Danes may also have the opportunity for Quickdrop batteries, meaning there will be stations that will change out your used-up battery in a matter of minutes.

By Phil Alex