Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Announces Pay-By-Height Pricing and Merry-Go-Around with Never Before Seen Prototypes

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has announced that it will be opening to the public for a short Inaugural Period, beginning at 7pm on October 27th, 2010. This period, which will no doubt be used to sort out any kinks, will continue up to the park's official, Grand Opening in November.

Unlike most parks, which sell tickets based on age, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi's tickets will be sold according to height. Guests under 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) will pay AED 165 (US$45), while guests over 1.5 metres will pay AED 225 (US$61).

Visitors to the park can also upgrade to an AED 375 (US$102) premium ticket that gives them priority access to all rides and attractions, access to an exclusive lounge area and other benefits.

Claus Frimand, General Manager of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, is feeling confident:

"We are on schedule to open the park with a wide selection of rides and attractions. We have managed to turn one of the world's most exclusive brands into an extraordinary experience which families and fans will come back for time and time again."

The park has also announced a new attraction: a Ferrari-fied merry-go-round called Carousel. The attraction will feature four design studies never before seen outside of Maranello, created by design students under the banner of, "Ferrari: new concepts for the myth". These cars will feature moving brake pedals / accelerators and working horns.

This "Disneyland for Ferrari Fans" is the world's largest indoor theme park, with a surface area of 200,000m² (2.15 million sq. ft.) and many rides including what is claimed to be the world's fastest roller-coaster, the 240km/h [149mph] Formula Rossa.

By Tristan Hankins