MINI Core Design Concept Shows what a Non-Retro Cooper could Look Like

Niels Steinhoff, a student at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, clearly envisions the next Mini as sleeker, more rounded, and less retro. His concept is called the Mini Core and comes off more as a shooting brake than a typical hatch. Much like a Mini, the Core is still meant to provide "reasonable functionality, driving pleasure, the possibility of individualization".

Apparently all the general dimensions are identical to the R56 Mini, but the Core incorporates a much more rakish profile. In front, the face of BMW's throwback hatch is cuter and integrates the fog lights into the grille insert.

Behind those frog-eye headlights, the tops of the shock towers protrude through the fender for a nice, sporty effect (the same applies for the rear shock towers).

In between those towers is a neat door system that's strictly concept. For a closer look at the Core's nifty door concept, check out the sketches in our gallery below. They appear to kick out like a Koenigsegg and then swing forward.

Overall, this is a nice look at where Mini could go in the future: distinctly Mini, but no longer retro.

By Phil Alex

Designer: Niels Steinhoff , Via: Cardesign