Hasselblad H4D Ferrari is Another Cynical Marketing Excercise

Why can't carmakers stick to building cars? You don't see Dyson and Prada making a limited edition vacuum cleaner or Apple and Westinghouse producing an iPad integrated refrigerator (so far).

And yet, here we are. Swedish camera company Hasselblad (famous for its camera's use on the Apollo moon missions) and Italian supercar maker Ferrari have collaborated on a limited edition model of the Hasselblad H4D camera.

The Ferrari limited edition is nothing more than a standard Hasselblad H4D camera painted "rosso fuoco" red and with the Ferrari shield applied.

More thought seems to have been put into the box which features a glass top and separate compartments for the camera and lens / accessories.

Hasselblad will build just 499 units of its H4D Ferrari, possibly as a nod to the Ferrari 430 16M Scuderia Spider which was built in the same numbers. Hasselblad has promised to release more details in October, which we await with baited breath.

By Tristan Hankins