New Peugeot 508: Photos from the Paris Motor Show Floor

Peugeot has decided to take a more elegant approach with the design of its top-of-the-line 508 model, ditching the old and odd Peugeot nose in favor of a more attractive new design language. Competing with Volkswagen's B7 Passat and Kia's Optima, which we showed you earlier, the 508 is the first attractive Peugeot saloon in a while.

For consumers in Europe, the new 508 will be available next spring. Its eight engine choices are decidedly diesel-heavy; there are five diesel units and three gasoline options, while in 2012, Peugeot will launch a diesel-electric hybrid version using the same technology found on the 3008 Hybrid4 crossover. For the powertrain and performance info, check out our previous story here.

As far as body styles go, there will be a sedan and a station wagon. The new 508 has to be one of the nicest-looking cars in the mid-size segment; it's a real shame we don't get something like this in the States.

By Phil Alex