New Focus ST: Ford Releases More Info and Pics of 250HP Hot Hatch

Ford has released some more official info regarding its new GTI-fighting boy racer, the 2012 Focus ST, which will make its world premiere in Paris on September 30th. As we've already told you, the golden catfish will be propelled by a 250-horsepower four-cylinder engine and rides on snazzy 19-inch rims spun by 360 Nm / 265 lb ft of torque. The car also rides a centimeter lower than the standard Focus.

Pimped as "Ford's first global high-performance model", the ST's Ecoboost 2.0-liter gets its intake/exhaust setup tuned by SVT and Team RS, as well as the necessary engine tuning to get the turbo'd engine to behave accordingly while also reducing CO2 output by 20%. Found standard is a third pedal hooked to a clutch and six gears, while an automatic (or possible dual clutch unit?) is bound to show up eventually.

Ford has yet to reveal what's involved with the "high performance brakes and unique suspension tuning", but the parts should be worthy of wearing the ST badge. There's also a Torque Vectoring Control system to put the car around corners like it's on rails.

Inside are the only seats one would expect (leather and neoprene Recaros), as well as a unique ST steering wheel and shift knob. Crowning the center stack are boost, oil temperature, and oil pressure gauges.

FoMoCo Global C-car Vehicle Line Director Gunnar Herrmann says, "The ST will be the performance flagship of our new Focus range, and we are excited to provide our enthusiast customers with an early preview in Paris. The ST represents an ultimate expression of Focus driving quality and performance and we are confident that the new model will strengthen the reputation of Ford's ST heritage among enthusiast drivers and attract new fans as well."

While I could do without the high-school styling and faux carbon fiber trim, this is one car I can't wait to see to see on dealer lots.

By Phil Alex