Paris Preshow: Lamborghini's 999kg Sesto Elemento Concept Revealed [Updated]

[Updated with New Images] These are the first full-blown pictures of the concept car Lamborghini has been teasing Ford Explorer-style for a little while now. It's called the Sesto Elemento (Sixth Element) and, according to Carscoop sources, it is powered by the Gallardo Superleggera's 5.2-liter V10.

Riding on center-locking wheels (seen in one of the teasers), the Superleggera's 570-horsepower mill pushes the car to 100km/h (62mph) in 2.5 seconds. That's nearly a second faster than the rocket ship-like Superleggera, all thanks to a massive reduction in weight.

Sant'Agata's newest concept showcases Lamborghini's commitment to reducing weight, and boy howdy does this car get lightened up; the Sesto Elemento weighs in at a featherweight 999 kilograms (no word yet on if that's dry or wet).

Unlike more unique concepts from the past, like the 4-door Estoque and retro Miura, the Sesto Elemento looks more like a Gallardo - Lamborghini's smallest and lightest current model - just drove through a razor-filled car wash. Expect more pics, info, and the announcement of oodles of carbon fiber as soon as its available.

By Phil Alex

Photos via: Lepoint & GTspirit - Kudos to Michaël for the tip!