Paris Preshow: Skoda's All-Electric Octavia Green E Line

[Updated] This year's edition of the Paris show will see the VW Group's successful Skoda brand unveiling its first-ever electric-powered vehicle called the Octavia Green E Line. Skoda says it is planning to create a special test fleet of Octavias Green E Line in 2011 with the goal of obtaining additional information relevant to the further development of the electric drive.

The concept model is based on the series production Octavia Combi [estate] and is powered by an electric motor delivering a constant power of 60 kW / 80-hp and a maximum output of 85 kW / 114-hp. Peak torque of 270Nm or 199 lb-ft is available right from the start.

The pure-electric Octavia accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in twelve seconds, while the car's maximum speed is limited to 135 km/h (84mph).

Electricity for the drive motor is supplied by a 26.5 kWh battery made up of 180 lithium-ion cells, which weighs around 315 kg or 695 pounds and is located under the middle and rear parts of the floor extending partly into the luggage compartment.

Skoda claims the battery has "almost no impact" on the volume of the passenger and luggage compartments of the Octavia Combi.

At full capacity, the battery is said to offer a driving range of about 140 kilometers or 87 miles.

The concept model at the Paris show will be finished in a Pearl-white exterior color and feature a glossy black roof with integrated energy-generating photovoltaic panels.