VW Releases Fresh Drawings of New Midsize Sedan, will Replace the Passat in the USA

In an effort to stem the outpouring of criticism aimed directly at the recently-revealed B7 Passat, VW has released some more pics of the upcoming American NMS (New Midsize Sedan). Thankfully, we here in the States won't have to deal with the reskinned Passat and its - according to our readers - "boring" looks. Instead, we'll be getting a production version of the car seen here, Teutonic and built in Tennessee.

VW says the NMS will debut at the NAIAS in Detroit in January 2010, with sales beginning in the third quarter. Short of the pics they've released, there have yet to be any official details; however, it's safe to say this will essentially be a Passat with a more Ameri-centric look.

Other than that, one styling bonus over the B7 that's immediately noticeable is the C-pillar's BMW-derived Hofmeister kink. Other design elements that would be appreciated in a production model are the higher belt line, squat appearance, narrower daylight opening, and Audi-inspired tail lights. VW, get us some pics of this thing pronto.

By Phil Alex