Hydro Kultur Nios: Fully Functional Hydrogen-Fueled City Car

The Hydro Kultur Nios is a hydrogen-fueled prototype that took part in the 2010 Shell Eco Marathon in the "Urban Concept Cars" category. It was created by a group of students and their professors from three leading German Universities - the University of Art and Design in Halle, the Technical University Chemnitz, and the College of Further Education in Merseburg.

Built around an exposed wooden frame that tips the scales at just 18.5 kg or 40.8 pounds with the car's overall weight pegged at around 400kg or 882 pounds, the Nios can seat two passengers in tandem with the driver sitting up front.

The odd-looking prototype is powered by an electric motor that gets its juice from mixing hydrogen and oxygen in a stack of membranes and separators.

Via: Diseno-Art / Alexa Bart