New Volvo S60 Coupe-Convertible Photo Real?

A supposedly leaked picture of a Volvo S60 Coupe-Convertible based on the new sedan model, said to have been shot during some sort of internal presentation, has been making the internet rounds this morning.

However, in this day and age of photoshop wizardry, you can't trust everything you see on the web. And judging from the picture of the standard S60 saloon that you can check out after the jump, we have serious doubts about its authenticity.

Bypassing the clearly photoshoped 'shades' under the front bumper, the most telling elements about the legitimacy of the S60 Coupe-Convertible picture are the highlights, shadows and mirror images of the background on the car's profile that are identical and in the same exact position as those found on the four-door sedan model.

And if you know a thing or two about photography, if not impossible, this is extremely difficult to occur in real life with two different vehicles.

It is possible though that the Swedes created / used the photoshoped image for internal purposes e.g. to tease the model during a dealer or an associates presentation.

Via: Worldcarfans