Subaru Impreza Berlinetta Rear-Engine Concept Study

For as long as we can remember, Subaru fans have been hoping and praying for a sports coupe from the Japanese maker. And from what we know up until now, they will get their wish when Subaru unveils its own version of the Toyota FT-86. But until then, here's a different conceptual study for a hardcore Subaru coupe from Italian design firm, Beestudio.

The idea behind the Subaru Impreza Berlinetta was to create a high-performance two-seater sports car using the Impreza STI as base, but with a twist; the sedan's platform would be turned around, meaning that the turbocharged boxer engine on the Berlinetta would reside at the rear-end of the car.

Beestudio says that the Berlinetta would make use of steel tubular chassis and body panels made of fibergrlass, aluminium or carbon fiber to further reduce the car's weight.

Being a design studio, the Italian company also came up with a blueprint for the body, but we can't say we're excited with the goofed-up Smart Roadster / Coupe look...

Source: Beestudio , Via: Virtualcar