2008 Top Gear Episode 1: Supercar Fuel Economy Test & BMW M3 vs Toyota Prius

We stumbled upon the first episode of Top Gear Season 11 on YouTube and we immediately knew we had to share it with you. In this first part the team is concerned about rising gas prices. In typical Top Gear style, they fill up five supercars (Ferrari 599, Lamborghini Murcielago, Aston DBS, Audi R8 and Mercedes SLR) with 1 gallon of fuel and race them around a track to see which one will go the furthest.

Next up, they drive a Toyota Prius Hybrid on the race track as fast as possible with a new BMW M3 Sedan following behind at the same pace. Ten laps later, guess what? The Prius did 17.2 UK MPG (14.3 US MPG) while the M3 Sedan 19.4 UK MPG (16.2 US MPG)! Not that anyone will drive a Prius like that, but it does go to show you that fuel economy isn’t always only about the vehicle you drive, but it’s also about how you drive. -Video after the jump