New Beetle Fans to Celebrate 10th Anniversary in Germany

In a couple of weeks, New Beetle fans from all over Europe are going to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the retro-penned VW with the “New Beetle Sunshine Tour”. The birthday tour starts midday on Saturday, July 19, at the Volkswagen Center in Lübeck, in Northern Germany. As soon as the Beetles gather up, the participants will drive down to Grömitz which is situated on the Baltic Sea and have a peach party. -Continued

The “New Beetle Sunshine Tour” is a private initiative that got started by Beetle Cabriolet driver Gabriele Kraft in 2004. The vibrant German takes charge of the organization of the party, which comes along each year in July. “What had its origin on a small scale has grown meanwhile into a regular international meeting. This year three New Beetles from Ukraine will be joining us as a first,” she says.

This year, more than 190 New Beetles with participants from all over Europe have registered already, and Kraft is pretty optimistic that there won’t be a single spot left on the beachy grasslands at Grömitz.